A university credit is the salvation for many people who have a clear vocation for a career but do not have, neither they nor their families, the necessary resources to face the payment of a university tuition or a master. And the fact is that the price of university courses rises every year while the granting of scholarships to study continues stagnant. That’s why so many people look for extra money to finance their university studies, postgraduate studies and other training courses.

When we talk about a university loan we should know that this type of financial products were not only created to finance all types of studies (master’s degree, university degree, courses, enrollment periods…) but also allow financing school supplies and other expenses. Before, it was usual for a university credit to be granted on favorable terms and in a simple way for anyone who wanted to study. However, the crisis has shattered these advantageous conditions and getting a university loan nowadays is within the reach of a privileged few. Why? In this article we explain and we will talk about other alternatives if you can not access a scholarship for studies or university credit through a bank.

University credit to be able to study

Among the different loans offered in Mexico, the loans for university students are the way they have to support the study of the youngest the different banking companies. It seeks to provide the necessary encouragement for the education of people and, in addition, it is possible to establish a relationship of trust with the entity when it comes to obtaining a loan in the future. However, things have changed since a few years ago. The reason: the global crisis that began in 2008 and whose consequences are still very present.

That’s why banks no longer grant a college credit as easily as they did before. The priorities have changed and the banks, which formerly gave university credit to virtually any student, now carefully select potential candidates for college credit. Without an endorsement or without proof of sufficient solvency, for example, it will be impossible for you to be granted a loan for young people who want to study.

University credit: impossible to achieve?

Getting a college credit is not impossible. However, the restrictions and limitations are now maximum. As we said, it will be necessary for a student to be endorsed and many other conditions will be required. In addition, applicants for a university credit who do so through a bank, must make the application prior to admission to the University or Study Center where they will pursue their career or graduate, amortizing that loan over time. That is, a college credit can not be asked lightly and when a person realizes that he needs extra money. It must be done by accrediting a whole series of documents, accrediting a whole series of conditions and having to wait a while to find out if they grant it to you.

Alternatives to banking university credit

So, what to do, for example, if I need money to pay for photocopies, material of all kinds (pens, notebooks…) or I urgently need to pay the registration fee for a course that had already started if I can not afford it since I do not have of liquidity at this time? This is a question that many of those people who seek urgent funding to pay for something related to their own studies.

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