There are life situations where you urgently and quickly need a certain amount of cash. Often 1000 € are needed immediately and best today. There are, thanks to the Internet, a few contact points that allow you to get this amount too. The transaction is absolutely uncomplicated and goes fast.

Why urgently need 1000 €?

There are many reasons for this, an unexpected event has occurred, a household appliance has given up the ghost or someone from the family urgently needs financial support. The most common situations where 1000 € are needed definitely include a broken washing machine, refrigerator or other electrical appliance. Such an investment can quickly become expensive and not everyone has financial reserves to fall back on. Therefore, such a small loan for a purchase is very good.

Another possibility would be to provide financing, the problem with financing, which markets often offer, is that a positive credit rating is a prerequisite. If you have had problems with payments in the past and in the worst case get a negative private credit entry, it is often impossible to get funding over 1000 €. The advantage of immediate money over 1000 € is then clearly in a microcredit – because there are even even with bad credit rating or with negative private credit entry.

1000 euros immediately on the account?

1000 euros immediately on the account?

It panics and quickly breaks hectic, when suddenly an unscheduled bill flutters into the house, such as a service charge or repair costs. Then suddenly missing 1000 euros in the account. But what to do?

First, it is necessary to keep calm. For almost all financial life situations, there is a way out.

There are now several options if you need fast 1000 € on the account. The two closest ones are:

  •  Call bank and ask for a Dispo or a so-called “tolerated overdraft”
    (The difference is usually in the term, a Dispo is long term, the tolerated overdraft usually only for a maximum of 3 months)
  • Relatives, acquaintances and / or friends questions
    Although it is unpleasant for many, friends and acquaintances to ask for money.

What to do if the house bank does not dispose?

Then usually only the request for a loan remains. Even loans over 1000 euros are possible and not uncommon today. If a few years ago loans for major purchases, such as cars, home or renovations were in demand, today the small amount is in demand. To fulfill a wish or to make an acquisition.

Here is a list of providers where it is possible to immediately get 1000 €.

Express credit

  • borrow up to 1500 € (first time up to 600 €)
  • within 24 hours in the account
  • no initial costs and handling fees
  • Decision within 60 seconds
  • Duration of 30 or 62 days

Service number 030 13 88 17 67 Min credit 50 Max. Credit 600 To the provider Last updated: 16 August 2017

How do you do it to lend the 1000 euros?

Borrowing the 1000 Euro is nothing more than transferring it from a bank or making it available in the form of a disposition.

As a rule, a repayment is agreed. Either at a fixed time or in monthly installments.

For example, if you borrow the 1000 euros from a friend or family member, it is important to take this agreement seriously. Like borrowing the money from the bank . It should be agreed with the relative how the money is repaid, in which period and in what amount. Most relatives do not charge interest, so if you borrow 1000 euros, you will pay them back in the end. If you borrow this money from a bank, interest will be charged.