Even those who have a part-time job can access funding

In fact, among their offers of access to credit, banks and insurances provide loans for public or private employees who have a reduced working time.

First of all we need to clarify well what we mean by part-time work and what are the possible forms of this employment contract, as the various loan opportunities that can be accessed change accordingly. If, in general, a part-time job implies a reduction of the working time compared to the “traditional” 40 hours per week, in particular the distribution of the work load can vary.

In a horizontal part-time, the best known one, the daily time is reduced: for example, 4 or 5 hours instead of 8. In a vertical part-time, instead, the worker can work even 8 hours only for a few days of the week or every day for a few weeks or months, but there will be some times of the year when it will remain at rest. The two options, sometimes combined, respond to different needs: there may be seasonal jobs or companies that do not require full availability of a worker for a necessary service but throughout the year.

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There are some forms of loans for those with a horizontal or vertical part-time contract, but the specific requirements are different. For example, for a worker with a horizontal part-time contract, the monthly income must be at least € 790. Workers with a part-time contract, on the other hand, will only be able to obtain funding if the period of suspension does not exceed two months; for the latter, the option to sell the fifth salary will be activated, a particularly advantageous formula.

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