Private loans are emerging as another alternative for financing through the network. Proliferating platforms where people who offer financing and people who need it come into contact. That way, people can also do business with these particular loans.

It is also an option for people who are excluded from the possibility of accessing financing through traditional lenders. However, this financing channel has a series of problems that we will see later. That is why we will also leave you some alternatives to these credits among individuals, so that you have them in mind at any time that you need urgent financing.

Loans between individuals: the tradition adapted to the network

It is a very big mistake to try this way of obtaining financing as something really avant-garde, since a person acting as a private lender has existed for a long time. Private loans exist since there are loans as such. Practically, since the beginning of our modern financial system. Although many times those lenders acted out of law or habitually leaving it. Nowadays, anyone can dedicate themselves to offering immediate loans just like any bank or financial institution, always assuming the risk that they have as an investor.

The loans between individuals give a high return to the lenders, since the interests tend to be even higher than those imposed by many banking entities. This is to compensate for the risk of the investment. Under this new framework that the Internet assumes, in recent times different participatory financing platforms have emerged, where people who register seeking to finance themselves (borrowers) are contacted and those who register as an investment possibility more ( private lenders ) . This form of financing based on loans between individuals was called and is called Crowdlending.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans between individuals

What advantages do this type of loans have in cash? What are your biggest drawbacks? The good thing about these loans between individuals is that it offers another possibility of financing to people who need it and who can not access bank loans for various reasons, such as not having a job or being registered in a list of defaulters. So as one more possibility of financing, these credits between individuals are welcome. However, it may not be the best option, especially for those who are looking for quick funding and who do not give them too many headaches in the near and distant future.

One of the big handicaps in this type of financing is the amount of information and the little we know about online private loans. That is, we can find everything: from loans with good conditions but not very safe or reliable, to loans with too many interests and deceptive clauses. The information is very and very dispersed. In this type of loans, on the other hand, the lenders are private individuals who will always look for their own business, making the most of it and imposing all their conditions when taking advantage of the desperate situation of the people.

Alternatives to loans between individuals

However, there are other possibilities to finance much more fair and transparent than bank loans or loans between individuals. They are personal loans online. They are financial products intended for small financial needs and which are available to all under the fulfillment of minimum requirements. In them, it is the client who chooses their own conditions, without imposing them. A luxury for these people and a much more effective way to solve urgent economic problems. Now the question is obvious: where can I get the best family and personal loans online?

Do you need money urgently?

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