After 2 years of low rates and favorable conditions for the purchase of real estate for the borrowers, 2019 could be the year of the recovery according to the forecasts of the specialists. At the beginning of the year, a rise in rates is even noticed here and there. But what is it really?

A rise in rates in 2019?

A rise in rates in 2019?

Nothing is less certain, it is true! Even if specialists in the real estate sector were counting on a rise in rates for 2019, it is still necessary to relativize the value of these increases. Indeed, the latter, observed since December 2018, remain minimal, hesitant, slow, even being offset by decreases appearing here and there.

Thus, according to figures from banks, we notice for example that the evolution of average rates over the last two months is minimal for loans of 15 and 20 years, an increase of 0.02% for first and 0.03% on the second:

term of the loan Fixed rates in December 2018 Fixed rates in January 2019
15 years 1.23% 1.25%
20 years 1.42% 1.45%

In sum, there is no way to determine the sequence of events and deduce any trend for the next few months. Especially since the recoveries recorded at the beginning of the year seem to be more due to the readjustments of the scales of the banks than to a real global tendency to increase.

A rise in rates that is slow to come true

This famous rise in real estate rates so long is taking its time to arrive. It will be important to pay attention to the next developments until mid-year, when the increase in question is expected to reach its peak.

But this context is, you will understand, always to the advantage of the borrower . The latter benefit from attractive financing from banks, with increasingly competitive offers to try to attract buyers in a very competitive market.

Rates still attractive, but a borrower insurance that increases

Rates still attractive, but a borrower insurance that increases

Even if buyers can still count on attractiveness of rates, it is the insurance borrower who may cringe a few teeth. Since January 1, 2019, all contracts are now subject to the Special Tax on Insurance Agreements of 9% on all their guarantees , the death guarantee has been previously saved.

Borrowers may therefore see their mortgage insurance price increase in 2019. However, this is not inevitable: since the entry into force of the Sapin II law , which allows you to change insurance all years, it is now easier to opt for a more competitive and more economical insurance.

Similarly, simulating your home loan on us will allow you to obtain in a few minutes all the offers of the market most suited to your borrower profile and your financial situation . Feel free to use our online comparator to find the best mortgage at the most attractive rate of the moment!